DJ Love Lee

DJ Love Lee

Wednesdays 8pm - 10pm on LondonLive.FM
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Regarded as one of London’s hottest talents on the DJ scene, DJ Love-Lee has been entertaining crowds and rocking venues since 1993. At the young age of 16 Love-Lee arrived on the Jungle and house scene playing for Don FM before taking her unique sound and style to the London club scene, tearing up venues like ‘Fabric’ and ‘The End’. With a residency at The Edge (Soho Square) and Voodoo Lounge (Leicester Square) it wasn’t long before Love-Lee was well known and thought of as one of London’s premier house DJ’s. Love-Lee has collaborated with such artist as Zac B, on Sailor Jerry and the twisted remix of 'Fired up'.

As a musical ambassador she has toured Asia, America and Europe, always leaving audiences hungry for more wherever she has spun the decks. Letting them have it at venues such as ’Bo's on the beach’, ‘Suite’, ‘Dive Bar’ (Jaxsonville Florida) and many more.

DJ Love-Lee lists her musical influences as Carl Cox, Jamie Jones, House 4 Life, Kings of Tomorrow, Defected and Nick Olivetti and is now a reputable DJ on Confetti, Love-Lee delivers a different vibe every time she plays as she loves to mix and blend different styles of house, always taking you on a journey for you listening pleasure! Whether it’s soulful, deep, tech or old-skool house you will feel it in your bones and be left wanting more.

DJ Love-lee, the gorgeous blonde sensation that gets crowds jumping and leaves audiences spinning to her sound wherever she plays, always spreads the love with her dynamic style and sound, kicking off 2014 with an amazing set at ‘Pacha’ London the future looks bright for this musical champion who is in high demand after major success in the UK and abroad. DJ Love-Lee is becoming a well known name in the popular house music genre and in DJ circle in general.

Treat yourself to one of the hottest sets you will ever hear. Prepare yourself for musical experience that’s going to touch your soul!