Knights Creed

Knights Creed

Fridays on Londonlive,FM
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A DJ that's been off the scene for a while to revamp himself. Started off with a different name in the years when jungle music was all the rage. Got into the club and radio scene with stations like phatbeats, laylow, don fm, lush fm, image radio, ice cold, reaction radio and london live.

I've played in major clubs all around London including, Area, Hidden, Pacha, Egg, Gass Club and many more.

The name knights creed is of two names.... knights..... there's two of us, one a DJ and producer, the other knight is the computer technician who has the know-how to transfer my ideas into reality, without my other knight this would not be possible.

The second part of the name is creed ... Dictionary definition.... a religious faith, a following. Music is our faith, Music is our religion!